Should I stay or should I go? Examining leader-member exchange theory in millennial job retention.


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Previous research has shown that a Millennial holds value and high volume in the workplace, but their consistent movement to other companies has become a necessary area of study for job longevity’s sake. This paper shows how Millennials have previously been studied and what researchers have historically seen as a desirable workplace. The other weathering factors of job meaning and satisfaction have forced others to reconsider their organizational commitment. Through qualitative in-person interviews, results show that the leader-member exchange theory involves a wide variety of interpretation that will affect the Millennial’s commitment to staying at their current workplace. This research dives into the three deepest areas of this theory: trust, professional respect, and loyalty. The results emphasize the important of building a relationship between a leader and employee and fostering an open communication in the workplace to help reduce turnover, increase work tenure, and influence job satisfaction.