An Assault on Unalienable Rights: Exposing the hidden realm of modern-day slavery

Flores, Noelle
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Human trafficking is a multibillion-dollar enterprise that ranks as one of the world's top criminal industries. It is a vast, widespread business practiced in many forms in several countries around the globe, including the United States. Yet it remains a distant concept to much of the developed world. Mainstream media coverage of modern-day slavery distorts the reality of it, and its perpetrators are skilled in disguising and hiding the crime's horrific nature. Despite efforts to raise awareness of this assault on human rights, and though much progress has been made to hinder it, human trafficking has yet to be completely eradicated. To resist this crime, international governments and nonprofit organizations have been working to give people the resources and tools they need to be informed on the issue and encouraged to take a stand against it. Their invaluable contributions have equipped nations to fight back and given society the responsibility of being a voice of hope for the victims and survivors of slavery today. This injustice has been ignored long enough - no matter the capacity, we all have a role to play in abolishing human trafficking.

Human trafficking., Mainstream news media., Entertainment media., Nonprofit organizations., Modern-day slavery., Awareness., Human rights., Social justice., Communication., Social reform.