An examination of unsolicited support among veterans.


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Social support is a topic that garners widespread research and extensive study among communication scholars. There are numerous positive benefits associated with solicited social support. On the other hand, opportunities exist to further explore the potential hazards of unsolicited social support. To date, research that focuses on unsolicited social support within the veteran community—particularly those with psychological diagnosis such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety—has received less scholarly attention than research which examines the benefits of social support for this community. In this thesis, a multimethodological approach deploys a blend of quantitative and qualitative research to illuminate what occurs when unsolicited support is received by veterans. This research provides scholarly insights by extending the existing knowledge related to unsolicited social support, as well as practical guidance for families, friends, and veteran support organizations.



Unsolicited social support. Social support. Veteran. PTSD. Support group.