The Real Never-Ending Story: A Summer Amidst Collections and Dr Pepper




Graham, Erin

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I spent April through December of 2022 working as an intern in Collections at the Dr Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas. During the internship, I processed Keurig-Dr Pepper (KDP) objects to recommend them either for accession, deaccession, or disposal. Most objects that I processed were paper documents, advertisements, correspondence, and newspapers. I was also tasked with adding to or creating accession records in the collections database, and in the fall semester, I aided in data cleanup of the collections database, correcting accession numbers and records. Along with the hours I worked at the museum I completed readings and maintaining a journal to document my experience, as well as to further inform my work and both academic and professional development. This report provides an overview of my work at the museum, how my academic development informed my professional development during my internship, observations, and what I learned during my time at the museum.