Technology, Education, and Literacy- An Investigation into the Cyborgial Nature of Education in the 21st Century




Danner, Megan

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In modern American high schools, technology has changed the way we view education and the teaching of literature. In this thesis, I do not seek to argue completely in support or against technology in education. Rather, I wish to explore the consequences of a technologically rich classroom on the teaching of literature. New media such as Facebook, YouTube, and other social and creative outlets are explored and analyzed for effects on the teaching of literature, specifically in high school education. Also, I explore the shifting idea of the Digital Divide in the modern classroom and investigate the new and developing causes of this separation between man and machine. In today’s classrooms, teachers must work in a state of constant change and adjustment when it comes to technology. However, in the face of all of this change, has the teaching of literature shifted for good or for ill?



Education., Technology., Literacy., Social Media., Digital divide.