Activism as community : how political engagement styles vary by religiosity.


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The significance of religion in shaping political and civic activity has received great attention over the years. Existing literature suggests that religious organizations provide institutional resources and civic skills that facilitate collective action. This study expands this effort by investigating the role of specific religious practices on forms of political engagement. Using the Wave IV of the Baylor Religion Survey (2013) I examine how religion and non-religion shapes political activity. Results indicate participation in community based religious activities, such as prayer groups or bible studies, is a robust predictor of traditional means of political participation such as participating in a voter registration drive. Religious Nones are more likely to engage in protest or use the Internet for political activities. Together these indicate a deep divide in the ways that Americans participate in the political process and a mechanism by which this division is maintained.



Politics. Culture. Religion. Habitus. Community. Protest. Internet. Civil society. Culture war. Political action. Social movements.