From their eyes : a deeper analysis of career and technical education during secondary school.


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The focus of this study was to gather the viewpoints and perspectives from secondary students currently enrolled in career and technical education (CTE). The use of a focus group and surveys were the main mediums of data collection in this cross-sectional mixed methods study. The research questions were 1. What are the characteristics of the students enrolled? 2. If any, what are the benefits of enrolling in CTE? And 3. What are the current students’ viewpoints of the CTE program? The majority of the sample was Hispanic and was representative of the school’s population. The future plans of the students, family college history, and full demographics are in the results section. Results indicated that students favor CTE and 100 percent of participants provided reasoning of how the program is beneficial. These reasons are that CTE provides valuable experience, it prepares students for their future careers with certification, and a high amount of learning takes place.



CTE. Analysis.