Effects of prophylactic lace-up ankle bracing on kinetics of the lower extremity during a state of fatigue.


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Prophylactic lace-up ankle braces are worn to prevent ankle sprains during states of fatigue, which may increase GRF and VLR during landings and increase risk of injury. Studies have not examined effects of wearing lace-up ankle braces while fatigued when completing functional sport movements. 15 subjects completed this study throughout two sessions. One session they wore a brace and the other they didn’t. Kinetic data (Fz, Fy, Mz, Mx, VLR) was collected during a cutting task and drop landing both pre and post-fatigue each session. There were significant effects from brace on Fz and Fy (P=.004, P=.014), from fatigue on Fz, Fy, and VLR (P=.001, P=.023, P=.008), and interaction between brace and fatigue on Fz between sessions and comparing R and L during same session (P=<.001, P=.015). Significant interactions between brace and fatigue do not show increases in GRF and VLR, so wearing a brace during fatigue doesn’t seem to put individuals at higher risk for injury. Lace-up ankle braces alone do however increase GRF.



Lace-up ankle braces. Fatigue. Ground reaction force (GRF). Vertical loading rate (VLR). Functional sport movements.