Correlation of selected earthquakes with seismogenic faults, central Oklahoma.


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Hypocenter locations for over 3000 earthquakes of M≥2.0 in central Oklahoma between the years 2014 and 2015 were used to attempt to locate seismogenic faults near the city of Guthrie. Focal mechanisms from 29 earthquakes of M≥3.5 were analyzed using the Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method (SLAM). Focal mechanism solutions for these 29 events were projected as swaths on the ground surface represented by a digital elevation model (DEM). Within each swath the surface trace of a causative fault might be found if the nodal plane is coincident with the fault, the fault is emergent at the ground surface and is approximately planar. Analysis of the DEM within each swath revealed few geomorphic lineations that might be caused by fault movement associated with the earthquakes. It is inferred from these results and field work that the faults producing these earthquakes do not intersect the ground surface.



Earthquake. Fault. Oklahoma. Focal mechanism.