Marvel for a Remnant: The History and Hope of the Church in the Middle East




Simons, Bethany

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The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity. It appears, however, that Christianity has found its home further west of its birthplace, and in fact, may not be able to maintain any significant existence there for much longer. Ever since the rise of Islam, Christians native to the Middle East have been under one level of duress or another. After centuries of hardship, thousands upon thousands of Arab Christians are choosing to leave their ancestral homelands to live in more prosperous and liberal countries. This, however, need not spell the end of a Church presence in the Middle East, as some have supposed. For there is another migration at work – the migration of Muslims to faith in Isa al Masih! This phenomenon, while offering new life to the Arab church, also portends immense change as regards the form and practice of Christianity in the Middle East. The Arab church has in her future many dangers and decisions to navigate – and immense hope.



Church history., Christianity., Middle East., Muslim background believers., Muslim background church.