North Korean female defectors' gender roles portrayed in South Korean media.


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This study analyzed how North Korean female defectors were depicted in South Korean media through a content analysis of the reality television show “South Korean Men, North Korean Women.” Among the episodes (N=142), 14 episodes of season two were analyzed. Through the lens of framing and identity theories, this study took a close look at the television show's captions (N=467), South Korean male entertainers' dialogue (N=131) describing North Korean female defectors, and self-description of North Korean female defectors (N=75). This study found that the television show emphasized portraying the role of North Korean female defectors as femininity and masculinity, while the female defectors and South Korean male entertainers on the show focused more on cultural factors.



North Korean female defectors. South Korean media depiction. Framing. Identity. Gender roles. North Korean migration. Reality television show.