Technopolis Gotham : an original transmedia intellectual property.

Vorderkunz, John B.
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As the title indicates Technopolis Gotham is an original transmedia intellectual property. 'Transmedia' is an emergent trend in narrative design for commercial entertainment properties that focuses upon building a rich narrative universe wherein multiple stories can be told through a variety of media. This document contains three original artifacts which together constitute the basis for such a commercially salable Intellectual Property: a Codex (aka Story Bible), a Teleplay, and a Game Design Document. The three documents are included as Appendices A, B and C, and are preceded by a text originally constituted as the Prospectus for the project, reformatted and now including a chapter analyzing the production of the artifacts and a bibliography. Technopolis Gotham is intended for the upper range of the Young Adult spectrum, Juniors in High School to College Sophomores, and is written in the Science Fiction genre.

Transmedia., Intellectual property development., Narrative design.