A hydrologic assessment of water chemistry and aquifer properties in the Middle Trinity Aquifer in Bell and McLennan Counties in Texas.


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The Middle Trinity Aquifer is part of a freshwater aquifer spanning southern Oklahoma and Central Texas. Increasing demand from population growth has promoted a need to better understand productivity and associated aquifer properties, as well as variation in chemistry in areas with uncharacteristically high ionic concentrations and total dissolved solids. This study presents and analyzes data related to production capacity in Bell and McLennan Counties through two aquifer tests. This thesis uses Texas Water Development Board data to analyze the changing concentrations of ions and total dissolved solids in various formations while adding data from newly sampled wells in the study area. Variations in water quality occur in Bell County with uncharacteristically high levels of total dissolved solids and water-chemistry changes. Results from this study can be used to improve freshwater resource management in Bell and McLennan County.



Middle Trinity Aquifer. Aquifer test. Groundwater chemistry.