History of Baylor University.


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This thesis has been written for those who love Baylor University and wish to know the rich history of the "grand old school." The purpose has been to show the development of the institution from its beginning in the days of the Republic of Texas to the present-day Baylor University whose influence extends to many parts of the world. In tracing this history, it was necessary to show Texas as it was prior to the year 1845 and that in these early years of Texas, a movement for higher education was slowly but surely gathering force. Many prominent Baptists were the leaders in this movement, which led to the founding of Baylor University at Independence. This same desire to provide an opportunity for higher education led to the founding of the institution which was later to become Waco University and then Baylor University at Waco. Baylor University at Independence passed away, but there was left an influence that is still felt in the lives of the hundreds of students who continue to pass through the portals of Baylor University at Waco. An effort has been made to portray the life and spirit of Baylor University and to show how the ideals of these leaders who made Baylor University possible are still evident in the life and traditions of the institution and are molding the aims and ambitions of the students of Baylor of the present day. Thanks are due to R.A. Burleson, the son of Doctor Rufus C. Burleson; to Pat M. Neff, President of Baylor University and to others whose first hand information concerning Baylor University under Doctor Burleson has been helpful in writing this thesis.



Baylor University, History, Texas history, Waco, Texas