Documenting and interpreting the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment's 2007-09 deployment to Iraq for the Third Cavalry Regiment Museum.




Oliver, Louise M.

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The Third Armored Cavalry Regiment (3d ACR) has a history spanning more than 150 years and is the last heavy cavalry regiment in the United States Army. In February 2009, the 3d ACR returned from its third deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-09. This time is recorded in thousands of documents including after action reviews, journal articles, news reports, and award submissions. The objective of this thesis is to explore ways in which that deployment could best be interpreted for museum visitors in a meaningful, unique, and educational way. This thesis will both document much of the history of the deployment, and develop a way to summarize the deployment so that audiences learn about the significance of the unit in Iraq to the soldiers, their families and the people of Ninewa Province.


Includes bibliographical references (p. ).


Third Armored Cavalry Regiment., 3d ACR., Military museum exhibit., Operation Iraqi Freedom., Interpreting war in museums., Family readiness group., Army wives.