The Good Place: An Approach to Grapple with the Chaos of 2020-21




Cullum, Melissa

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In an unfortunate turn of events, the year 2020 was not the year of ‘perfect vision’ that it was so highly anticipated to be. The uncertainties and tragedies due the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and an overwhelming increase in political and social disruption have only continued in 2021. These events undoubtedly have brought an acute focus on death and increased overall anxiety due to the reality of a premature death. This thesis addresses the ways in which 2020 and 2021 have created a mental shift in the United States and proposes a unique strategy to cope with the shift. The proposed strategy is anchored in the award-winning show, The Good Place, developed by Michael Schur. The Good Place (TGP) grapples with life after death, moral action, and the relationship between the two. TGP serves as a platform that those who have found themselves in existential crises during this year can use to explore moral and ethical enlightenment.