Immigration and the United Kingdom: An Analysis from the late 1800s to 2015 and Future Prediction




Gallardo, Virginia

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Immigration has been and still is a major policy issue in the United Kingdom. A prediction into how the United Kingdom will react to future waves of immigration requires a study into how the United Kingdom reacted to past immigrant waves. The main waves of immigration includes, the Commonwealth immigrants, the Jewish immigrants from Russia and the Eastern Europe immigrants. Along with a look at the different effects of the immigrant waves, a look at the man that, arguably, started everything, is crucial. Enoch Powell was one of the most influential minds in regards to immigrants and his beliefs are still espoused today. It is from these background sources that the prediction can be made that the people of the United Kingdom will only continue to react negatively towards immigrants whether or not the economy is stable or whether these immigrants are fleeing from persecution or violence.



United Kingdom, Immigration, Europe, Jewish, East Europe, International Studies