Integrating African American house types into historic villages : three historic Texas houses and their respective museums.




Stell, Amy Lynn.

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Recent studies of the African experience in North America have resulted in the analysis of African contributions to American material culture. European colonization of the New World led to the inclusion of African building practices into the European architectural repertoire. The integration of African architectural forms into the segregated urban neighborhoods of the South resulted in the construction of ethnically diverse house types. The study of building types in the South has identified three historic house museums in Texas that are directly associated with African American occupants and builders. This thesis explores the ethnic distinctiveness of the Shotgun House located at Dallas Heritage Village, and the Fourth Ward Cottage and Yates House located at The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park through a material culture perspective. Further investigation of the houses’ respective architectural forms, owner and occupant history, and neighborhoods in conjunction with recent scholarship will clarify their historic significance.



Museums., Historic house museums., Historic villages., House types., Material culture., African American house types., African American material culture.