Better Is One Day




Griffin, Bryce

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Every court case is a story, a drama played out before peer and judge. Characters move around stage amid recitations of scripted lines. Too often, the casual observer ignores the real people with unique stories and motivations who comprise these cases, and instead focuses just on the decision. Based on the Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission, “Better is One Day” follows the story of Patrice Monohan, a disgraced trial lawyer trying to find work in the legal field. Dogged by memories of her abusive religious father, Patrice struggles to find meaning in her professional, personal, and spiritual life. A chance at a redemption lands in her lap in the form of a Supreme Court bound religious liberty case but it might just be at the cost of her conscience. Faced with impossible decisions and gut-wrenching doubts, Patrice is tried in the jurisdiction of every court.



Philosophy, Creative Writing, Political Science