Modern Prometheus or Jacob's Ladder : beliefs about science and technology among the religious.


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Social theorists often predict that heavy reliance on technological devices and machines will result in negative effects on social relations and religious participation. And while scholarship has often focused on the effects of usage primarily among youth, little work has been done to evaluate the perceived effects of technology among the religious in general or the significant differences between religious affiliations regarding beliefs about technology and science. Some religiously-minded individuals are taking advantage of the ubiquity of Internet usage, smartphones, and digital media to spread their religious messages and reinforce a sense of belonging. Other religious traditions report significantly less confidence in technology to improve religious or social life. Using the Baylor Religion Survey Wave V (2017), I explore beliefs among the religious about science and technology as they relate to perceived improvements to religious and spiritual life.



Religion. Science. Technology. Modernity. Secularization. Internet. Media.