Content Analysis of Member Participation Regarding Natural Childbirth on Pinterest




Colanero, Kathryn

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People are using online resources for an increasing variety of uses. One particular use that is rising is personal healthcare. While people use many online tools to gain information, a wealth of information is obtained from social media websites. This study seeks to examine behavior of people on the social media website Pinterest regarding natural childbirth. Pinterest was selected due to its prevalence among the target audience and its current lack of existing research. Due to the lack of research in this field, the researcher was able to develop their own methodology for studying Pinterest. A group of “boards” was collected in order to analyze the “pins” for certain variables such as: images of a pregnant belly, text, or exercise and then examined categorically for topics such as: books, labor, or breastfeeding, as well as whether the “pins” portrayed natural childbirth positively or negatively. The sources of the pins and the representation of natural childbirth in the community were among the significant findings, demonstrating that this community exists on Pinterest and views natural childbirth very positively.



Sociology., Pinterest., Social media and health.