The Journey Home




Pantleo, Julia

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The idea of home is one that is central to a sense of identity. However, what makes someplace a home? The Journey Home is a creative thesis in which I explore the idea of home through short stories and poetry. In my thesis, I break down the concept of home into one's national identity, physical house, family unit, and Heavenly Home. Within each of these categories, I play with the strengths and shortcomings of each classification of home on one's sense of self. For example, I explore the detriments to personal identity that may be caused by an international or nomadic upbringing, strained family relationships, and lack of religious faith. However, I also illustrate the benefits that come from seeing the world, building one’s own house, choosing one’s own family, and exploring one’s own beliefs.

Within The Journey Home, I integrate research I have done from the works of Mary Oliver, Anita R. Reidinger, Gregory Orr, Simone Weil, and Theano S. Terkeni, among others. I also draw inspiration from other authors' ideas of home, such as those from Sandra Cisneros, Margaret Atwood, Ernest Hemingway, Katherine Porter, and many others that I have been exposed to during my studies of English Literature.

The Journey Home is a creative exploration of where to begin the search for belonging.



Creative Writing., Poetry., Home as Nation., Physical Home., Home as Family., Heavenly Home.