Developing a congregation-led homebound ministry in a rural context.




Woodard, Morgan A.

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This project addressed the need for Golinda Baptist Church to establish a viable, long-term, homebound ministry. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effect of the intervention on the people of Golinda Baptist Church taking ownership of a viable, long-term, homebound ministry. The biblical foundation of this project primarily comprised Genesis 12:1-3, Exodus 3:7-17, Isaiah 61, Luke 4:16-30, and Acts 2:42-47. There are also various examples of these biblical principles exhibited throughout Church history. The biblical application of God working with humanity to restore creation is vital for the Golinda Baptist Church to engage the local homebound community. This project is an exercise in caring for the homebound through education, exposure to need, and asset-based service from a congregational perspective. I believe this project led to the successful establishment of a viable, long-term homebound ministry at Golinda Baptist Church.



Golinda Baptist Church (Golinda, Tex.), Homebound ministry., Rural communities., Church history.