Employment success of university journalism graduates: a survey comparing classroom practices and departmental requirements with graduates' job placement and salary rates.




Zastoupil, Kristin L.

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This study focuses on what current journalism programs are requiring from their undergraduate students before graduation. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative research by collecting data through an online survey of journalism faculty at four-year universities offering a degree in journalism and individual interviews of journalism researchers and faculty. The aim was to use educational philosophies and teaching methodologies to classify current programs as traditional, contemporary, or a combination of the two and to determine if one type of program has a greater impact on its graduates' success. While overall findings indicate professors and institutions tend to be contemporary, qualitative research indicates that programs tend to be more mixed and include a hybrid of contemporary and traditional classes.


Includes bibliographic references (p. 76-78).


Journalism and education --- United States., Journalism -- Vocational guidance --- United States., College graduates -- Employment --- United States.