Two eagles, one dragon : asymmetric theory and the triangular relations between the U.S., China and Mexico.




Basaldú, Robert Joseph.

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The United States is a major source of asymmetry within the world, especially in its relations to China and Mexico. China is the rising political, military and economic contender to U.S. power projection, especially with its attractive diplomatic influence towards the non-developed world, growing military strength and emergent power in the global market. Mexico is immediately relevant to the domestic, regional and global policies of the U.S. despite the latter’s historical inclinations of dominance and ignorance towards the former. This thesis will analyze the triangular relationship between the U.S., China and Mexico noting its asymmetric nature by means of evaluating the three integral bi-lateral relationships within the political, military and economic spheres. This assessment will serve the objectives of the U.S. national security community by providing a contextual basis for understanding the salience of this asymmetric triangular relationship as it applies to present- day U.S. international relations objectives.



United States., China., Mexico., Asymmetry., Triangular relations., Tri-lateralism.