Capital punishment : Christians advocating for justice.




Pickens, Carolyn Clay.

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This project addressed the problem of there being a need for Christians who are members of Brentwood Baptist Church to advocate for justice in the administration of capital punishment. The pivotal question at the core of this intervention is: “What effect does an intervention that educates, exposes, and brings biblical and societal awareness of justly administering capital punishment have on Christians?” How will engaging these biblical truths and societal realities provide awareness and an opportunity for introspection of both the just administration of capital punishment and the movement of Christians to advocate for justice in this process? The subjects of this intervention were invited and compelled to honestly and earnestly answer questions and share beliefs on justice in the administration of capital punishment for the resolution of the following research questions: 1) “Can capital punishment be justly administered?” and 2) “Is capital punishment being justly administered?” Starting here, in Texas and reaching across this nation and to other nations, the Church is required to reflect the justice of God by seeking justice. It is from the heart and by the hand of Christians, that feeble, yet dynamic acts of advocacy serve to ignite a movement that will restore God’s justice to the administration of capital punishment.



Capital punishment., Justice in the administration of capital punishment., Christian advocacy., Brentwood Baptist Church (Houston, Tex.)