Something in the Water: Policy Analysis of the Biden Administration’s Environmental Justice Plan and Its Impact on Drinking Water Inequality in the United States.




Splaine, Brigid

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Since the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, a resurgence in discussions concerning the drinking water quality in the United States has taken place. Yet, what many Americans failed to realize is that Flint is not the only community in the United States struggling with drinking water quality. There are hundreds of communities like Flint every year, but poor drinking water quality disproportionately affects certain communities over others. These environmental justice communities bear the highest burden caused by America's failing drinking water infrastructure. The Biden Administration has proposed a plan, which they will use to enact specific policies and promote legislation that directly focuses on environmental justice concerns. Implementing these specific policies outlined in the Biden Administration's plan could help to effectively resolve the ongoing drinking water issues in the United States while also working to address environmental justice concerns.



Environmental Justice, Drinking Water Quality, Safe Drinking Water Act, Biden Administration