A bigger piece of the federal pie : politics and crime in the United States.


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In the United States, the fear of crime has risen to an unprecedented level - higher than that of 1994; a time when violent crime reached a peak. However, with recent data, scholars can begin to understand where this fear disseminates from and how it can be curbed. Using the General Social Survey (GSS), I find significant values regarding various demographics and their fear of crime, particularly related to race and political affiliation. My research methods consist of secondary survey analysis, utilizing regression analysis and interaction effects within regression. My findings outline an established concept in other literature; that minorities and Republicans have a greater fear of crime than Whites and Democrats. However, I also find that Black Republicans are among those who feel the United States should spend less, indicating a lesser fear of crime. These findings contribute to the literature involving fear of crime, as well as introduce new speculations regarding who is necessarily more afraid.