Community satisfaction : the solution for rural communities.




Garland, Anna Nicole.

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Why do people like where they live? Why do people decide to stay at their current residence? Are residents satisfied with their community? All of these questions and more have been explored and investigated for decades and in many disciplines. Furthermore, this study examines community satisfaction. This study looks at the answers to all these questions and specifically studies the rural community, an anomaly in regards to migration and economic growth. Rural communities suffer from higher than average rates of poverty and high levels of out-migration, due to an influx of people to cities and suburban areas, which leads to decreased levels of community satisfaction. The predictors of community satisfaction can be applied to rural communities in order to increase resident satisfaction. Research has found that having friends as neighbors, feeling safe in your neighborhood and a positive perception of the state of the economy are all significant positive predictors of community satisfaction.



Friends as neighbors., Crime in communities., Rural communities., Economic stability., Community satisfaction.