Scrolling your way to a warped sense of self : body image, social media, and college-aged females.


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Body image concerns among females on social media have become an emerging topic in news headlines, specifically during 2020-2021. However, there is a limited amount of qualitative research about the issue, especially with body image concerns on new media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Seventeen in-depth interviews were conducted for this study with college-aged females (18-24) which resulted in new insights regarding coping mechanisms with social media, and the pressure of “what I eat in a day” videos on TikTok during the onset of the pandemic affecting body image perceptions. As young women have access to any media at their fingertips, it is crucial to understand more on this topic to identify solutions when dealing with image and video-based media.



Body image. Perceptions. New media. College-aged females.