Adventure towards community : a director's approach to Bryony Lavery's Treasure Island.


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This thesis documents the production process and the directorial approach to Treasure Island produced at Baylor University at the end of February 2022. This work examines Bryony Lavery’s biography and that of her co-author Robert Louis Stevenson. It discusses the inspiration of the two authors, their connections to the piece, and includes and analysis of the play through the lens of adaptation and Anne Hutcheon’s theory of adaptation. and it’s use as an analysis tool for the script. As this adaptation presents Jim Hawkins as a young girl, we look at the impact of adapting the gender of the characters and its push to include everyone in this adventure story through a cast of playable pirates. The thesis also discusses the development of the director’s concept, the design process, auditions, rehearsals, and the run of sold-out performances in Baylor Theatre’s Mabee theatre. Additionally, this thesis explores the impact of COVID-19 on the production, the audience reception, and the impact of a show performed with an emphasis on community.



Treasure Island. Directing. Theatre. Baylor Theatre Department. Bryony Lavery. Robert Louis Stevenson. Adventure. Hispaniola. Jim Hawkins. Long John Silver. Pirates. Puppets.