The Secret Sauce of Clarehouse: A Grounded Theory Analysis of Social Model Hospice




Kliewer, Amy

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The purpose of this research is to enhance and clarify the reasons behind the successful observations and responses of guests and family members throughout Clarehouse’s social model hospice program. Social model hospice is a 24 hour, community-based home for individuals whose end-of-life care cannot be fully maintained by their available support network (Grant & Scott, 2015). This thesis specifically uses the classic Grounded Theory methodology, a qualitative research method. Through a series of semi-structured interviews with staff, volunteers, community members, family members, and guests, distinct patterns began to emerge. These themes include the physical attributes of the home, the volunteer base, the attention to detail, the structure of accountability, and the practice of compassionate honesty. Each factor or “ingredient” is a necessary element in creating the “secret sauce” of Clarehouse.



Social model hospice., Grounded theory analysis.