Faculty interpretations of faith-integration in classroom practices.

Ellis, Erin M.
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The purpose of this study is to better understand faculty members' interpretation of faith-integration as a practice of teaching in the classroom. The relationship between faith and learning has continuously prompted scholars to study the phenomenon of its unity in the classroom. However, the research surrounding faculty teaching practices or techniques of faith-integration, is insufficiently existent. The findings of this study provide a model that illustrates the application of integrating faith and learning as a way of life for participants, and the expressions of practice as outcomes of that way of life. The findings do not prescribe a specific formula for integrating faith and learning, however, the model demonstrates how various components of a faculty member's life speak into the expression of faith-integration as a practice of teaching. The model may help faculty members learn to appreciate their own expression of faith-integration as a classroom practice.

Faith-integration., Faculty practices., Classroom practices., Faith-based higher education., Faith and learning.