Contact in context : interracial contact and racial formations.




Henderson, William Matthew, 1980-

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Building from a synthesis of Interracial Contact Theory and Racial Formations Theory, this study updates the Contact Hypothesis, focusing on contemporary issues of racial identity and ideology and on the experiences of those outside of the Black/White racial dichotomy. Using a nationally representative sample, I examine the effects of interracial contact on the distinct Racial Projects of Whites, Blacks and Non-Black Minorities. Hypotheses predict contact effects for Whites at the level of racial awareness and ant-structuralism, but not for colorblindness. For Blacks, contact is predicted to have no effects. For Non-Black Minorities, racial projects are predicted to be isomorphic. OLS regression analysis provided support for most, but not all hypotheses. Notably, for Non-Black Minorities, contact predicted greater racial awareness, but also greater antistructuralism and mixed effects for colorblindness.



Alienation., Colorblindness., Contact theory., Race., Racial minorities., Racial projects., Racial Formations Theory.