Effects of carbohydrate supplementation on resistance exercise performance, blood glucose, endocrine and metabolite responses, immediately before exercise and during recovery.


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The positive effects of carbohydrate supplementation on aerobic exercise has been studied extensively. However, less information is known on carbohydrate supplementation before resistance exercise and its effects on post exercise glycogenesis. It has been proposed that supplementing carbohydrate before resistance exercise may improve performance and foster glycogenesis to better prepare an individual for another exercise bout. Serum glucose and insulin, muscle glycogen, and angled leg press exercise performance were assessed before, immediately after, and 1hr post exercise with or without carbohydrate supplementation. Participants completed 4 sets to failure at 70% of 1-RM with 45s between sets. There was no significant difference in resistance exercise performance or relative glycogen content between conditions. Serum insulin and glucose displayed a greater decrease during exercise in the supplementation condition. This shows that carbohydrate supplementation before resistance exercise will not improve resistance exercise performance when completed to fatigue despite alterations in glucose and glycogen utilization.



Glycogen. Carbohydrate. Resistance exercise. Insulin. Glucose.