Design of a microwave sensor for non-invasive determination of blood-glucose concentration.




Green, Eric C.

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Diabetes is a disease that afflicts millions worldwide. To control the effects of this disease, diabetics must check their blood glucose levels on a regular basis. Currently, all daily glucose monitoring techniques are invasive, requiring a sample of blood.

Microwave sensors are non-destructive and non-contact measuring devices, making them ideal for the measurement of parameters in industrial processes. Current uses of microwave sensors range from measuring moisture content of corn chips to measuring concentration of a solute in water. If a microwave sensor were developed to determine blood glucose concentration, it could be the first daily-use glucose-measuring technique that is truly non-invasive.

This thesis provides background on diabetes and microwave measurement. From this background, a sensor is developed and its advantages are illustrated. The thesis concludes by making suggestions for improving the sensor and recommendations on how to implement the sensor into a useful product.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 53-56).


Microwave devices -- Design and construction., Biosensors -- Design and construction., Blood sugar -- Measurement., Glucose -- Measurement.