Chord length methods for Proton Computed Tomography.


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Proton Computed Tomography (also known as pCT) is an emerging medical imaging method. The three dimensional images reconstructed from pCT scans provide information about the Relative Stopping Power of the object scanned. Proton and ion therapies can administer radiation with higher conformity than traditional photon therapies. The RSP values provided by pCT scans are particularly useful when planning proton and ion related therapies. pCT reconstructions depend on solving the linear system of equations represented by Ax=b. It is necessary to accurately construct the matrix A by determining its elements. Which elements in A are non-zero is determined by Most Likely Path methods. The values of these non-zero elements are known as chord lengths. This work investigates different methods for determining chord length, and the effect they have on pCT reconstructions.



Proton Computed Tomography. Protons. Computed Tomography chord length. Reconstruction techniques.