Food-Brand Effects on the Taste Preferences of Pre-School Aged Children From Two Distinct Socioeconomic Environments




Marcos, Kathleen

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In the United States alone, childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed, nearly tripling in children as young as three- to five-years-old. Great lengths have been taken to understand the contributing factors of obesity, such as heredity, behavior, and nutrition, in order to combat the epidemic. In this study, the effects of an individual’s consumer environment on his or her food choices are explored. Two populations from distinct environments, defined by socioeconomic classes, are compared through an environmental survey, brand knowledge test, and taste preference test. These methods collected data that was then used to gauge advertisement exposure, brand recognition as a result of exposure, and branded product preference. While no clear conclusions emerged from the data, both populations showed tendencies to positively recognize brands unique to their corresponding environment as well as to choose branded products over unbranded products.



Nutrition., Marketing., Food-Brand Effects., Children., Childhood Obesity.