Through the Eyes of Brazilian Youth: A Photovoice Study on Quality of Life




Gomez Lopez, Arianna R.

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Adolescent health can be classified using common morbidity and mortality data, but these classifications do not provide information about environmental factors, perceived society norms and peer pressure that so often influence adolescent behaviors. Photovoice is a qualitative method, which allows individuals to combine photography and personal narratives in order to demonstrate the realities of their daily lives. Its purpose is creating social change for marginalized individuals and communities. In this project, photovoice was used to prompt discussions surrounding major themes regarding adolescent community members’ perception of factors that affect their health and quality of life in Anchieta, a coastal town in southeastern Brazil. The participants presented their findings to community leaders and church members in order to facilitate discussions about future health initiatives. Overarching themes from this study included: faith, community, family bonding and community building. Results will be used to develop future health interventions in collaboration with the Baylor in Brazil program directors.



Public health., Adolescent health., Photovoice., Global Health.