#AsiansforBlackLives? : Interracial coupling and Black Lives Matter support.


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This study examines the relationship between racialized marital selection and support for Black Lives Matter. Nearly a third of Asian American newlyweds are interracially married. Previous research reports that interracial marriages are used as a marker for assimilation and can represent or reshape racial attitudes. With the growing awareness and support for the Black Lives Matter movement, we consider the possible relationship between interracial coupling and support for this social movement. Using the 2016 Collaborative Multiracial Post Survey, we find that Asian Americans with racially non-white spouses are significantly different from Asian Americans with white spouses in their support for Black Lives Matter, thus suggesting that interracially married Asian Americans vary in their cultural integration rather than just assimilating to the views of the dominant group. With Asian Americans as the fastest growing minority group, this study offers quantitative insights on the need for improving theorization of intergroup relations effects on racial attitudes.



Asian Americans. Intermarriage. Black Lives Matter. Racial attitudes.