Meniscal tissue bonding and exploration of sonochemical tissue modification.




Dean, Drew W.

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The goal of the primary project was to explore further means of meniscal repair through application of the immobilization techniques previously developed by our research group. The menisci are susceptible to tears due to age degeneration and mechanical failure under strain of compound forces. Our focus centered primarily on the "bucket-handle" type tears which are a shearing of the meniscus along the fibers. Both reductive and oxidative methods were explored using biotin and Avidin for initial cross-linking; and later more direct means including a bis-maleimide PEG agent with reduction, and a few synthesized dihydrazide agents and some commercially acquired compounds (ex. Hydrazine) with oxidation. These direct methods, especially those with the oxidation displayed greater peak stress. In addition the group was able to explore potential sonochemical modification in conjunction with the Seattle company Acoustx. Unfortunately there was no evidence to support that isonification had modified the tissue to facilitate immobilization.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 63-64).


Tissue engineering., Meniscus (Anatomy) -- Wounds and injuries -- Treatment., Oxidation-reduction reaction -- Analysis., Sonochemistry -- Analysis.