Evangelism training in a traditional majority-Hispanic Sunday School in the Rio Grande Valley.


This project attempts to address the lack of personal evangelism among Christians in a traditional, majority-Hispanic church in South Texas. Many Christians do not regularly share the gospel as part of their Christian lives. Three Sunday School classes at Conway Ave. Baptist Church in Mission, Texas, implemented a three-part plan for evangelism training and sending as part of their regular Sunday School curriculum. These classes were first instructed on how to use the “3 Circles” gospel presentation. Over the next five weeks, they implemented a time of accountability, practice, and goal-setting as part of the Sunday School class. A pre-intervention and post-intervention assessment was given to ascertain if the plan increased their gospel sharing and helped to overcome common barriers to personal evangelism. This project aimed to find a helpful method of increasing personal evangelism among church members, which could impact similar churches throughout the region.



Evangelism training., Hispanic Ministry., Sunday School.