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An analysis of cultural appropriation in fashion and popular media. 9872
Jacob and the divine Trickster : a theology of deception and YHWH's fidelity to the ancestral promise in the Jacob cycle. 9120
A reassesment of minimum wage impacts with pooled synthetic control. 7745
Britain and Russia: A Historical Comparison of Two Great Empires 6410
I'm a Christmas Unicorn: A musicological and theological analysis of Sufjan Stevens's song, "Christmas Unicorn" 5547
Patagonia Inc.’s Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives and Their Contribution to Company Brand 4912
A Hermeneutical Harmonic: The Four Canticles of Luke's Gospel as a Symphony of OT and NT Theological Themes 4805
The Whig Ideology's Influence on American Politics 4794
The responses of the church in Nigeria to socio-economic, political, and religious problems in Nigeria: a case study of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). 4684
Exploring the Philosophical and Cultural Significance of Avatar: The Last Airbender 4158