On the Integration of Art and Marketing: How Popular Culture Transforms and Corrupts High Art in the Cause of Advertising




Shylo, Aleksandra

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The purpose of this work is to explore the relationship between high art and the world of marketing by analyzing the way popular culture co-opts high art in the cause of advertising. As the utilization of high art in marketing increases, our increasingly commercialized society develops a growing disintegration of the integrity of taste due to the blurring of the lines separating art for art’s sake and art for marketing’s sake, which dulls our ability to distinguish between the intrinsic and instrumental value of high art. Through the analysis of the history of art in advertising, Pop art’s contribution to the materialization and the increasing prevalence of the use of art in promotion, this work seeks to discover the causes of the increasing commercialization of high art and the evolution of the public’s perception of art and its role in society.



Art., Marketing., Culture.