Models for rested touchless gestural interaction.

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Touchless mid-air gestural interaction has gained mainstream attention with the emergence of off-the-shelf commodity devices such as the Leap Motion and the Xbox Kinect. One of the issues with this form of interaction is fatigue, a problem colloquially known as the "Gorilla Arm Syndrome.'' However, by allowing interaction from a rested position, whereby the elbow is rested on a surface, this problem can be limited in its effect. In this paper we evaluate 3 possible methods for performing touchless mid-air gestural interaction from a rested position: a basic rested interaction, a simple calibrated interaction which models palm positions onto a hyperplane, and a more complex calibration which models the arm's interaction space using the angles of the forearm as input. The results of this work found that the two modeled interactions conform to Fitts's law and also demonstrated that implementing a simple model can improve interaction by improving performance and accuracy.

Gestural interaction. Gestural pointing.