A Rogerian case study seeking the future of VR responding to Dr. Sutherland’s ultimate display.

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Throughout this thesis I will measure the progress of virtual reality (VR) development. I cover the history of the format starting with pre-film technology all the way through the commercial failure of the Virtual Boy. From here I address the development boom of the 2000s that resulted in the first generation of consumer VR and proceed to analyze the current market offerings from the three biggest companies currently investing in VR. These are analyzed through the theoretical foundations provided by Rogers and Kozmetsky, to establish a baseline from which to compare these different ways of interpreting consumer needs. This is synthesized into a Futures Cone projection that attempts to define what the future course of the industry looks like with the understanding that these observations will undoubtedly change.

Virtual. Reality. VR. Head mounted display. Cellphone. Smartphone. Virtual Boy. Oculus. Facebook. HTC. Vive. Cosmos. PlayStation. PSVR. PlayStation virtual reality. Simulation. Education. Entertainment. Cinema. Film. Internet. Modern. Market. Ivan Sutherland. MIT. Media Lab. Diffusion of innovations. Issues. Rate of adoption. Reasons.