Improving Transplant Efficacy




Murphy, Kayla

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The development of tissue and organ transplantation has been an important achievement in medicine. Extensive research into medications and preservation techniques has improved the success of transplants. However, ongoing research continues to find new ways to improve transplant efficacy and durability. Our area of transplant research involves the bioconjugation of immunosuppressant medications onto the surface of pancreas islet cells prior to transplantation. This thesis will introduce current advances into organ transplantation as well as significant challenges that remain. Chapter 2 will describe our research aimed at demonstrating the use of a novel anti-inflammatory medication in islet cell transplantation. Chapter 3 will present our investigations of chemical linkers as model studies to be extrapolated onto other tissue and organ types. Our research ultimately aims to create a more protective and safe biological environment for transplanted tissues.



Transplantation., Bioconjugation., Immunology., Linker Chemistry.