Availability of New Releases in Streaming Audio Databases




Crenshaw, Clayton E.

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In this study, three streaming audio databases used in music libraries were compared with an extensive list of new classical recordings that is published monthly. Each database was tracked for a separate period of three consecutive months to determine the extent to which new releases were available. A final check was done 30-60 days later for recordings on labels represented in the database, but not found during the monthly searches.

The Naxos Music Library was found to have the largest number of labels with new releases, and a high percentage of the new recordings were available for use. Classical Music Library contained a good representation of labels, but very few of the new releases were available at the time the searches were conducted. Only a few of the labels on the list were found in DRAM, but a high percentage of the new recordings on those labels were available.



music, recordings, streaming music services