John James Audubon : life, work & legacy.




Hampton, Alexander.

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During the summer and fall of 2018, I worked with the Martin Museum of Art to design and produce the exhibit, John James Audubon: Life, Work & Legacy. To do this I broke the project into three main areas: design, fabrication, and installation. The first half of the summer was focused on the design of the space, which I created in SketchUp a 3-D drafting program. The second half of the summer was dedicated to fabrication. During this time, I created three pieces in the Mayborn’s woodshop that were used to recreate a period room. This included a fireplace mantle, a window, and a period delivery box for the subscriptions. Finally, the fall semester was dedicated to the install of the exhibit, and the programing that accompanied it. This project taught me how to carry out an exhibit from start to finish, and to work within the constraints of a budget. This is a useful skill to carry into the world of museums and will help immensely with creating future exhibits.



Museum exhibit design.