Branes in the M_D x M_d+ x M_d- Compactification of Type II String on S^1/Z_2 and Their Cosmologicval Applications



Devin, Michael J.
Ali, Tibra
Cleaver, Gerald B.
Wang, Anzhong.
Wu, Qiang, 1977-

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In this paper, we study the implementation of brane worlds in type II string theory. Starting with the NS/NS sector of type II string, we first compactify the (D + d+ + d−)-dimensional spacetime, and reduce the corresponding action to a D-dimensional effective action, where the topologies of Md+ and Md− are arbitrary. We further compactify one of the (D − 1) spatial dimensions on an S1/Z2 orbifold, and derive the gravitational and matter field equations both in the bulk and on the branes. Then, we investigate two key issues in such a setup: (i) the radion stability and radion mass; and (ii) the localization of gravity, and the corresponding Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes. We show explicitly that the radion is stable and its mass can be in the order of GeV . In addition, the gravity is localized on the visible brane, and its spectrum of the gravitational KK towers is discrete and can have a mass gap of T eV , too. The high order Yukawa corrections to the 4-dimensional Newtonian potential is exponentially suppressed, and can be negligible. Applying such a setup to cosmology, we obtain explicitly the field equations in the bulk and the generalized Friedmann equations on the branes.